About MetaTrader 5: Opportunities of the New Platform for Capital Markets

October 19, 2018 Off By admin-445

There are many interesting facts about MetaTrader 5: the platform lets users vend in different capital markets and implement a number of merchant tools.

MetaTrader 5, a comparatively new multi-asset trading solution, offers its users a variety of tools for capital markets analysis and profitable commerce. The platform is aimed at the enthusiastic trade experts, who want to seize all the opportunities of today’s Forex, Stocks, and Futures current pipelines. Read about MetaTrader 5 in this article.
The opportunities and features of this system are not limited to a couple of standard sales and analytical instruments; they are much more impressive and multi-faceted. This is why many experienced trading experts give preference to this solution, gaining more and more profit with minimum of conscious effort.

About MetaTrader 5 and Its Opportunities

This commerce system has a wide range of important features:

  • Trading in the Forex, Stocks, and Futures current pipelines. Such a rich choice of capital markets lets users easily select the most attractive targets and accomplish the identified goals. They can buy and sell all types of stocks and assets, make pending orders, apply to the Advanced Market Depth manipulations, etc.
  • Technical and fundamental analysis. MT5 offers 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects, and 21 timeframes, as well as a number of tools for the analysis of the economic calendar and financial news. Experts say it’s the key to successful commerce and great revenue.
  • Algorithms of automated commerce. One more interesting thing about MetaTrader 5 is that it provides thousands of trading robots, as well as the opportunity of developing your own business applications for automated sales. The platform includes the MetaQuotes Language 5, the MQL5 Wizard, and the built-in strategy tester.
  • Mobile trading. You can use the system mobile application for iOS and Android, opening and closing orders at any time and from any place. The app supports netting and hedging, all variants of trading orders, professional technical analysis, and the Market Depth feature.

Besides, the platform offers a 24/7 Virtual Hosting with a 24 hours’ free trial period, a variety of trade alerts and charts, the possibility of editing your account, the detailed history of operations, and so on. The list of its features is really rich, and many dealers have already appreciated it. MT5 is a unique ecosystem with multifunctional tools for goal-oriented traders from all over the world.