Internet Without Speed Limits: What Is 5G, And How To Get It?

Internet Without Speed Limits: What Is 5G, And How To Get It?

August 19, 2019 Off By admin-445

Internet technologies are being constantly improved, and the rate of loading is one of key issues addressed by 5G connection. What are its advantages, and how an ordinary user can access this service?

What is 5G?

5G means 5th generation of mobile connection. It is designed to replace the current 3G and 4G. There’s the whole range of underlying technologies, the majority of which are still in the development stage. Which problems does 5G address?

  1. 5G connection is designed to remove the major downside of the previous generation – high power consumption. Thanks to this, devices connected to new networks will be able to support hold users always online.
  2. In addition, the new generation of networks will provide a high data transfer rate – maybe even faster than via wired Internet.
  3. Among the services that 5G offers is the leveraging of Extreme Mobile Broadband (eMBB) with the aim of transmitting “heavy” content.
  4. Millimeter-range waves demonstrate a number of advantages over the frequencies of the current generation. They are less sensitive to interference in the form of walls, partitions and doors, have a better reflection coefficient, preserving the signal power and require less equipment costs when deploying a network.

In the future, technology has every chance not just make IoT accessible to the mainstream, but also to completely replace Wi-Fi equipment that will not bind the user to an access point with a limited range.

How 5G benefits customers?

The primary advantages of this innovation is a considerable data exchange speed boost. During the preparation testing, peak data transfer rate reached 25.3 Gb /s! That means the usual speed at 5G might reach 10 Gb/s. Thus customers will have the opportunity to watch HD films downloaded in seconds, and exchange data in a matter of a moment!

Where to get 5G?

5G technology is still being developed and tested. For the widespread adoption of 5G, a complete replacement of equipment is required on the operator’s side, and users will have to update their devices to support the connection. There are no generally accepted 5G standards yet, so it’s too early to talk about it. Most probably, 5G shall appear in large cities not sooner than in 2020. All people can do is buy high-quality smartphones that support 5G, and wait.