Key indicators which help you to observe the decrease dynamics

Key indicators which help you to observe the decrease dynamics

September 21, 2019 0 By admin-445

People can always appreciate securities market fluctuations. Such analysts make a lot of money on differences of value. However, there are no such specialists who can accurately predict the recession, which can be faced either in the nearest months or only after years of calculations. Investors are trying to include the main indicators showing an approach of a storm in securities market. Economists take into account the smallest changes in exchange rate fluctuations during formation of analytics in the coming months about economic activity.

There are many other indicators that you should always remember. As the result, they may be more important when planning an investment. When the talk comes to economics, even the smallest details can play an immense role for future prognoses and decide, whether they should make an investment. Experienced analysts must monitor the changes in all data in complex, correct the indicators of economy state. Often the price is influenced by data that seems like completely unimportant on the first sight.

Basic indicators

  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly updates employment data, which helps to form an opinion on real-time economic fluctuations.
  • Weekly payments or the number of working hours of staff, especially if the indicator steadily falls over several months.
  • Increased unemployment requirements.
  • The cost of housing, a decrease in the dynamics of construction reflects a decline in economic activity. Rising real estate prices can prove that economic growth is on the rise.

Important: it should be understood that in some economic sectors the fluctuation – an ordinary process that has little impact on the overall economic picture.

Existing market unemployment so far does not exceed 3.7% – these numbers point on average amount of work rate. An important monitoring refers to the consumer confidence index, which speaks about the attitude of people to the current situation in the economy. The approximate number of consumers in the United States is 70% of the total population. Their confidence in expenses, the desire to invest in new projects, the development of their family or business give us the result in shown above numbers. The Institute for Supply Management through the ISM index allows you to conduct business activity in the manufacturing industry. This is the most understandable and accurate report on the state of the economy.