Uber is without its London operating license anymore

Uber is without its London operating license anymore

November 26, 2019 0 By admin-445

Recently Uber, an international organization which provides services for passengers in different countries, has need stripped of the license to work in London. The company received such a prohibition by the transport regulatory company of this metropolis with more than 8.5 millions of citizens. The most essential reason for such a ban got on Monday is the fact of a “pattern of failures” which can be harmful for passengers using services provided by Uber drivers.

The response from the main department of the corporation situated in San Francisco was immediate. Some of the representatives of Uber said that such a decision had been “extraordinary and wrong”. Furthermore, shares of the firm fell over 1% after such an accident.
Since Uber has decided to appeal, there is a low possibility that something will change in the principles of this corporation. However, this situation has become a huge knockout for the company which has been trying to improve its services for the last few years.

Previous episodes

However, this’s not the initial conflict between this transferring corporation and London transport regulatory system. The first disagreement happened in 2017. There were the same reasons including the lack of safety of passengers.
That year Uber did its best in order to get the license back. It changed its culture of communication completely. However, since the situation has repeated for the second time, the representatives of TfL are concerned that these problems can be reiterated again.

An appealing procedure

Now Uber has 21 days to appeal the judgement.
As Jemie Heywood, one of the main regional managers, believes, they will win because such a decision is meaningless. According to the statistics there are:

  • More than 3.5 millions of London citizens;
  • Almost 50000 drivers who depend on services of the transportation services provided by Uber in this city.

Why it’s happened

Such a conflict has accrued due to the fact that the representatives of TfL have realized that some drivers use photos of other people. Such activities have made more than 14 thousand trips unsafe because of drivers without licenses.

Soon Uber software engineers will demonstrate users a brand-new technology which will help improve a face matching procedure. That’s why it’ll be almost impossible to work without an official license.