Bidding strategies for newbies

Bidding strategies for newbies

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Binary options in the Inthernet is one of the most popular and easy ways to earn money. It works like a casino – all or nothing. There are only two ways – you can get difference between price of option or lose money. Binary options are contract in price forecasting. You can predict currency appreciation, price of oil and gold. It’s similar purchase of shares and securities, but on the web-sites. If you guessed and tocks became expensive on time, so you will earn money.

What do you need to know

If you want to get more and more money, you should learn, how to predict situation on market. It’s easy only at first sight. Actually, there’s no any freebie. You won’timmediately have access to successful transactions. Firstly, you should remember a lot ofdifficult and strange names about everything connected this theme. Secondly, you should learm, that there are no universal strategies, which will help everybody. Some of them will stop to work, the others will be useless only for you. You need to try some of them.

All strategies can be shared on two big groups: strategies with fundamental and technical analysis. The most popular way – trade by news. You analyze and guess, how it will affect on financial world. The technical analysis based by this parameters and indicators MACD, RSI, Stochastic and the others. There are also such kinds of strategies for binary options as easy and hard, short and long term. The last ones mean that how long your transaction will work. It may be for 5 minutes, for half an hour, for all day.
Next let’s look at the exapmples.

  • Strategy for 1 minute:
    – Vortex
    – Maveric
  • Strategy for 5-15 minute
    – Wells
    – MACD
    – LeConfort
    – Royal Fish
  • For 30-60 min:
    – Antiq
    – Envelope
    – Navigator

So, you can use somebody’s scheme or create yours. It often happens when you have a little basic knowledge. Sometimes creation your own strategy is necessary because there is no guarantee that any of suggested schemes will work for you. It’s all individually. So, there are some advices how to create your strategy.

Creation your scheme

Firstly, do not try to invent something difficult. If it’s easier it will bring more money. Secondly, turn off your emotions and don’t drop if you began. Then, the main point – look and analyze the market. You can also read another assumption and to match with your. But don’t try to copy anyone, because it won’t teach you anything. And in the end, test your own strategy in special programmes.