Where can you spend Ethereum?

Where can you spend Ethereum?

December 29, 2018 Off By admin-445

What are the uses of Ethereum?

Positioning itself as an unstoppable world computer, Ethereum firmly holds the title of the second largest crypto of today with Ether being its token (by definition, a piece of code, allowing for updates within the Ethereum Blockchain). With so many crypto enthusiasts and mature professionals wanting to trade ETH, it is ridiculous that most token holders do not know how actually to use ETHs, except for crypto-fiat speculation on exchanges.

But you cannot call Ether a useless altcoin – it does serve a few purposes. First, developers, intending to create applications (smart contracts) on the base of Ethereum Blockchain, have to obtain ETHs to transact within the system. Then, people willing to use and interact with apps built on the top of Ethereum also need ethers to access these services. But what can a common person buy with Ethereum?

If you are tired of rattling your brain with this looming question “Where to spend Ethereum online?” this list of merchants, opening their doors to Ethereum, is to give you a peace of mind that virtual currencies are quite welcome nowadays:

  • The Big Coin is a solution helping everyone to spend Ethereum (and other electronic currencies) on things you desire online, whether it is an item you want to buy or a service you want to get.
  • Dether is a service providing for buying and selling crypto like Ethereum for cash from any corner of the globe.
  • Crypto Compare will not take your ethers but show an impressive list of gambling websites and businesses accepting ETH and other digital coins as bets (online casinos, horse racing, sports, etc.).
  • eGifter sells gift cards on very popular brands including Amazon, NIKE, Walmart, Burger King, and +250 others while supporting Ethereum as a payment option.
  • ForexBrokerz is a portal aggregating the names of Forex brokers working with Ethereum, as well.
  • Overstock is an online retailer that has joined the cryptocurrency market, too. Here you can spend Ethereum tokens on everything from electronics to furniture, video games, and jewelry.
  • More Stamps Globalis a crypto-friendly online travel agency, accepting ETH to pay for flights, hotel rooms, event tickets, cruises, car rentals, and more.

You see, Ethereum is good not only for “holding and trading”, but it has made its presence in virtually every sphere of life. Though ETH is not traditional money, it is pretty suitable to pay for favorite goodies and services through the Internet.

Are the crypto market’s sharp swings a reason to spend ETH?

From its all-time high $1,448, today Ethereum has declined to heartbreaking $90 per token. Led by panic, most crypto owners started selling their digital assets off, thereby pushing ETH value even lower. However, if you too are thinking of getting rid of ethers, think again.

Despite a dramatic price fall, Ethereum mainstream adoption is growing at a rapid speed. Truffle, Infura, and MetaMask, Ethereum’s major products, are breaking all records of popularity: Truffle – 1 million downloads, MetaMask – 1 million downloads, and Infura surpassed 10 billion daily API requests. It is fair to assume that in disregard of the bearish market, the user base of Ethereum smart contracts is increasing steadily, meaning, people really need ETHs to do business.

The fact that certain banks also began to accept ETH as a payment method (for instance, Union Bank, one of the largest banks in the Philippines) indicates in the long-term perspective, the growth and trend of Ethereum are inevitable.