Why Innovation Remains Elusive

Why Innovation Remains Elusive

November 26, 2018 Off By admin-445

Naturally, innovation is quite elusive – far from everybody can take advantage of cutting edge science and engineering. Nevertheless, there are some distinctive features that set companies apart as novelty-open. And vice versa, some aspects of organizations’ life prevent them from following the progress.

What’s Stopping You from Implementing Innovation?

  1. Inability to identify the direction of your novelty

It’s not easy to understand what your innovative style is. Your company can be a needs-based innovator, a market developer, a re-inventor in the sphere of design, and so on. The longer you reflect on this question, the more opportunities you lose.

  1. Nebulosity of your innovation strategy

It’s equally unwise to grab the first available idea and try to put it into practice without proper consideration. Talk to your team and find out what they think about different innovation strategies suitable for your business. Try to answer all the essential questions, discuss possible problems and results of your networking and only then come to the common decision.

  1. Absence of clear definition for innovative solutions

Far not everyone understands that real novelty is not just about something new. It’s the strategy of doing something better than anyone else. It’s the scheme of success that has never been used before. Your stuff should have a clear understanding of what they’re looking for and working at.

  1. Lack of common methodology

There are no lessons of innovation. This is why it’s up to us to develop our own methods of implementing new solutions. Specialists advise to adhere to the following scheme: identify a problem, guess how to resolve it, and develop a solution. This basic plan will be different with different companies – this is the key to their success, as every innovation MUST be unique.

  1. There is no experimentation in the chosen methodology

If you select proven, well-groomed methods of work, this won’t be a novelty. Your plan should include a bit of unexpectedness, some risk, a chance of failure. Only when you balance between inner and outer, successful and downfall, your efforts are really innovative.

  1. Discrepancy between talents and tasks

Select correctly, who of your team will plan, budget, execute, and perform other tasks associated with the innovation. Try different variants, selecting the best way of ‘casting’.